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Our Celebración

It’s a sunny summer day. Come join the crowd headed for the parade! Marvel at the people riding motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, and unicycles. Duck out of the way as firefighters spray water on hot spectators. Clap to the music as bands of musicians playing clarinetes, saxophones, flautas, trumpets, and drums march by. Feast on lemonade, watermelon, tacos, and ice cream. Wave to the corn princess as her float passes by. Then take cover when a quick rain shower comes, followed by a bright rainbow. Back in the town plaza as night falls, marvel at the sparkling fireworks that end the day’s festivities. Pop, pop, pop! ¡Bón, bón, bón!

With engaging text and imaginative, whimsical illustrations, Our Celebración! is the perfect way to enjoy a summer day—and learn some Spanish too.

Illustrated by Ana Aranda
Published by Lee & Low

Coming September 2018

Illustrations on this page are copyrighted by Ana Aranda 2018.

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