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Fairy Trails


"Miguel and María, on one summer día,
left home to go visit their auntie -- their tía.
At the fork in the road he said, “Which way to go?
To the right -- la derecha?” María said , “No.”
“Go to the left - la izquierda instead.”
But Miguel was too slow, so she went on ahead..."

Miguel and María go for a walk in the woods to Tía's house and meet up with all kinds of fairy tale characters. English and Spanish. Glossary included.

Illustrated by Mercedes Mc Donald
Published by Bloomsbury Books for Children


Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young Readers, 2005

Selecciones, Reader's Digest, Editor's pick, June 2005



"PreS. This beautifully conceived picture book depicts the adventures of Miguel and María as they travel to visit their aunt. On the way they encounter many universal fairy-tale characters, including the three bears, Aladdin, and Cinderella. Despite the book's subtitle, the Spanish is limited to single nouns, interspersed within the English text ("A hungry old wolf spells peligro , real danger"). Language purists may find the linguistic mixture objectionable, but the pleasing, rhyming text and the clever plays on words overshadow the confusion that may come from combining languages, making this an entertaining listening experience for small children. Despite the negative stereotype embodied in "Humpty Huevo" (he looks like Frito Bandito), the whimsy of the story is nicely echoed in the golden chalklike artwork. To be a truly pedagogical tool, the glossary that precedes the story should have included articles with the nouns." -- Stella Clark


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