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Bebé Goes Shopping

A quick trip to the supermercado ? Not with Bebé in the shopping cart!

Just as Mamá is ready to throw up her manos, she gives sweet Bebé a box of animal cookies. A dulce, at last! He finds a camel, nibbles on a giraffe . . . eats an oso. Then they're off to the checkout line, smiling all the way.

Illustrated by Steven Salerno
Published by Harcourt

Honors and Awards

* Chosen by Nick Jr. Magazine as one of 50 Best New Books (2006)!

* Chosen by the Miami Herald as one of the the best books of 2006!

Bebé Goes Shopping was featured in the "Best New books for the Classroom" article in the upcoming May 2006 issue of Book Links.


San Francisco Chronicle Book Review
From the article,"Holiday goodies between covers: Our reviewers' picks of the best books of the season for the readers on your list"
Learn 32 Spanish words in this merry romp about a trip to the supermercado with Mamá and Bebé. Northen California author Susan Middleton Elya writes in bouncy rhymes that naturally accommodate both English and Spanish and some chaos too.
Clue: No display is safe.

Curled Up With a Good Kid's Book -
This book uses a wonderful juxtaposition of English and Spanish to illustrate a common experience: shopping in a supermarket (supermercado) from the child’s point of view. His is the language of bright colors and the excitement of the new - as long as mama is there to keep him safe. To make the reading experience even more enjoyable, each page is rhymed as baby grabs and mama rushes to save him from one disaster after another. He wants everything! And mama goes behind, replacing items, admonishing him to be careful (Cuidado!).

The Spanish words aren’t explained in the text, but in the context of the story it is clear what mama is saying and the matching illustrations make obvious what baby is up to. This manner of writing and rhyming is very effective, stimulating the child learning a new language; the artwork offers easy answers to unfamiliar words. The illustrations are broad and colorful, the Spanish words in bold face, this adventure flowing from beginning to ending. The helpful glossary at the end of the book unites English and Spanish words, including pronunciation. This book is a delightful introduction to the Spanish language, combined with a loving mother and baby, the happy pairing of two cultures.
~ Luan Gaines/2006 for curled up with a good kid's book

Publisher's Weekly - Starred Review
"Any parent who's attempted to grocery shop with a toddler in tow knows what an impossible task that can be. Elya (Oh No, Gotta Go!) demonstrates what happens when a sensory-packed excursion gets the best of baby. Her rhyming bilingual text demonstrates a skilled storyteller who is clearly comfortable with both languages ("[Bebé] tugs on a carton with muchos colores/ in butterfly yellow, with pink and white flores"). Much like the author, Bebé's mother, too, can multitask; she juggles her shopping list while keeping a watchful eye on Bebé. Salerno (Coco the Carrot) packs the supermercado (grocery store) with such fiesta-bright hues, cartons and canned goods, it's no wonder Bebé can hardly keep his hands to himself. Mamá's attempts to cajole him-and buy herself a little time to complete her shopping-with a box of animal crackers will resonate with adults. Here the pairing of text and art, which seemed ideally suited all along, hits its finest moment: the animal-shaped treats loom large as they outshine the groceries (and, in particular, Mamá at the melon stand) in both size and attraction ("Bebé finds a camel-a humpy sopresa!/ Mamá picks a good one. He eats the cabeza"). This delightful tale turns an everyday chore into a lively adventure, brimming with entertainment and enjoyment for all."

Booklist - Starred Review
"Introducing a young child to Spanish has never been as attractive as to this shopping romp. Mama is headed to the grocery stoic (the supermercado), but bebé has to come along. That slows things down, but heightens the fun. Every child (and parent) will identify with what comes next, as Mama tries to grab what she needs while bebé follows his own agenda. The text carefully, and delightfully, incorporates Spanish words into the rhyming text: "Bebé in the shopping cart, high in the seat. / looks around for a dulce—a sweet." Almost all the words can be understood from the context or from the pictures-and oh, what pictures! Using in gouche, watercolors, colored inks, and pencils, Salerno evokes the hip, retro style of 1950s cartoon-style advertising to introduce an attractive young mother, hair swinging in a ponytail, and her adorable baby. Placed against the white antiseptic background of the grocery store, the shoppers and products blossom in fruity pinks, red, and yellows, and garden greens. Salerno is a master at getting motion into his pictures, and his spreads rumble and tumble, especially when the baby's animal crackers grow large and alive. For those who need some help with the language, there's a glossary at the back, but most kids will find the Spanish easy to comprehend. Fantástico!" - Ilene Cooper

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