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Everybody thinks that I get to choose my illustrators and that I know them. Not only have I never met them, I don't get a vote in who they are. I have been very fortunate in that I really like all of the illustrators my editors have chosen.
I also don't get to tell them what to draw. They own half of the book, so they get to decide. Every now and then, I have made a comment or argued that something is not true to the story. But the editor has the final say in what gets changed and what stays.

Below is a list of my illustrators so far. Click on a name to learn more about them and their books! (* An asterisk next to a book title means that I wrote it. *)

Lynne Avril
Diana Cain Bluthenthal
Eric Brace
Joe Cepeda
Lee Chapman
Felipe Davalos
Viviana Garofoli
Susan Guevara
G. Brian Karas
Loretta Lopez
Jennie Mattheson
Mercedes McDonald
Tim Raglin
Steven Salerno
Elisabeth Schlossberg
Melissa Sweet
David Walker

Illustration copyrighted by Loretta Lopez.